Vedran Brnjetic

Hot Mess Heron


The amorphous shape of the heron symbolizes the only constant thing in the universe - change. The choice of the bird was not just because it was there at the same time as I was, but because it hunts fish in the water, and water is often used in symbolism as another element that is associated with change, and a conduit between life and death. Life for the bird, and death for the fish.

The rhythmical pattern of the reeds symbolizes the vicious cycle which is repeated very frequently and mercilessly. It is enhanced by the choice to keep my lens stabilization on so as the lens moves outside of the bounds of the stabilization capability the frame jumps mid shot and creates an instant copy of the frame slightly shifted and superimposed on the original frame, achieving the impression of entering the spiritual realm.


6612 x 4408px


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